By Pablo Kane

The intercourse detective is going into wild motion during this global of the long run. loose sexual expression is a life-style till a bunch believing in virginity attempts to take over. Then, glance out! right here comes the intercourse detective.

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Publication Details:

ISBN: 1903931045
EAN: 9781903931042
ASIN: 1903931045
Publisher: Chimera Pub (Mm)
Publication Date: 2001-10-29
Number of Pages: 256
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books, Goodreads

Synopsis from Amazon:
Mina, an agent of business espionage, is employed to enquire the secretive hidden venture of a strong industrialist. Following the path to undertaking Charybdis, she unearths an underwater international the place woman slaves serve the lusts of others, not able to flee as they're reworked into latex-bound mermaids, pets, and items of carnal extra. a few are paid to be current, others are captives who've been kidnapped and forcibly expert to serve. Having blundered into the undertaking, Mina joins the rubber-encased ranks of the deep-sea harem. There she reveals new excitement in her strict captivity as she surrenders herself to these she have been despatched to show, and who now topic her to never-ending and inventive acts of depravity.

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Her legs trembled but held her steady…steadier than she felt inside. ” she asked, suddenly shy. He glanced back at the moon then nodded his head. ” Once inside, she was unsure what to do. Should she offer him a drink or simply drag him to bed? The cottage, which had felt too big and empty before, now had an infinitely more intimate feel. Maybe a little too intimate. At least they were clothed…somewhat. She brushed sand from her nightgown, feeling a flush rise to her cheeks at the memory of what had taken place on the beach.

Caressing. Every nerve ending cried out, yet she took her time, building slowly to a peak while her mind replayed the image of the man she‟d seen the night before. The man who‟d seduced her dreams. Her mind kept returning to his magnificent cock. She imagined how it would feel inside her, the thick head pressing against her opening until she screamed for more, then the tight, hard slide as he filled her, forcing her open around him and driving deeper than any man ever had before. Her pussy clenched in response.

As soon as the fear struck, a picture formed in her mind of the way Shawn had used the water‟s caress to enhance his own touch when he brought her to orgasm the night before. Remembering the way the water had teased her body eased the fears. She slipped out of her robe and let it fall to the ground as she stood naked and free in the glistening sunlight. With a sense of purpose, she walked to the water‟s edge. Each time the fear threatened to rear its head, she focused on the vision, remembering how sensuous the water could be.

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