By Jan De Waard

During this quantity, the 1st of a projected sequence at the Hebrew Bible, de Waard goals to offer translators higher perception into the perspective of the textual critic to assist them discover a sturdy base for translation. although of fundamental curiosity for translators, scholars and students can also be happy to discover that de Waard summarizes the arguments and rankings of the Hebrew previous testomony textual content Project.

Because the ultimate document of the HOTTP used to be released in French and used to be the paintings of textual critics instead of translation experts, its beneficial contribution used to be discovered to have sensible barriers. DeWaard's paintings is additionally priceless since it examines 3 significant Jewish models as well as the Christian models chosen through the venture for study.

Future volumes are deliberate to hide different parts of the Hebrew Bible/Old testomony.

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Testes). ” A majority of the committee has given a C rating to M since it considered the past tense reading as an assimilation to verse 3 and the imperative reading as an assimilation to verse 1. 1–4. In the case of the future tense, God is still the agent of verse 2. But this creates a di¯culty since Isaiah is the one who has to take reliable witnesses. This can be resolved by reading an imperative and by introducing a third order given by God to the prophet. However, this solution creates new problems: this order should logically precede the second one (Kaiser), and, what is even more important, the text should then have to read “take for you” instead of “take for me,” because the so-called dativus commodi has to agree with the verbal form (Ehrlich, 33; Feldmann, 99).

19). 10 as an absolute in˜nitive. 19). Proposals of Translation Translators should not give in to the conjectural vocalization in verse 19. They are even urged not to render the form in verse 10 as an imperative and to prefer the interpretation of the form as an absolute in˜nitive. It may be dif˜cult, however, to start a new paragraph in verse 10 with the information: “It will be a matter of going into . . ” In such a case, and in order to guarantee a smooth transition with the preceding paragraph, an indicative could be used as in GNB.

For everywhere else in Is where M has tme in the singular or plural, 1Q-a has a scriptio plena with yod, tyme. On the other hand, the quotation in the commentary on Isaiah, found in Qumran cave 4 (4Q162), does not permit any conclusion because of its generally defective writing. Evaluation of Problems Probably in˘uenced by the imperative “read” in the apparatus of BHS, translations generally tend to follow the ancient versions. Interestingly, there is a diˆerent tendency among commentators. Since the last century (Hitzig, Roorda, Ewald, Böttcher, Delitzsch, Duhm) up till very recently (Wildberger, Clements) the emendation yzEm], “exhausted,” has been proposed on the base of Deut.

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