By J R Hanson; G Britton; Chemical Society.; et al

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Die Beschäftigungssituation von wissenschaftlichem Nachwuchs

Mit einem Geleitwort von Petra Maria Jung

In Memory of H.L. Meerwein

Content material: Brown, H. C. Meerwein and equilibrating carbocations. -- Olah, G. A. From boron trifluoride to antimony pentafluoride looking for solid carbocations. -- Hogeveen, H. and van Kruchten, E. M. G. A. Wagner-Meerwein rearrangements in long-lived polymethyl substituted bicyclo(3. 2. 0)heptadienyl cations.

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1978, 17,487. '71 E. J. Corey and A. K. Long, J. Org. , 1978,43,2208. 176 G. Deleris, J. Kowalski, J. Dunogues, and R. Calas, Tetrahedron Letters, 1977, 421 1; see also refs. 216. 498. 17' The [3,3] sigmatropic rearrangement of allylic thionocarbamates to allylic thiolcarbamates (Vol. 8, p. g. g. carvone (1S)], catalysed by RhC1,,3H20 (cf. Vol. 8, p. g. Vol. 8, p. g. the borneols, 182b geranio1'82c) in high to essentially quantitative yields (cfiVol. 8, p. 10). g. '~~The oxidation of monoterpenoid allylic alcohols using 2,3-dichloro5,6-dicyano- 1,4-benzoquinone has been d e ~ c r i b e d .

Vedejs, D. A. Engler, and J. E. Telschow, J. Org. , 1978, 43, 188. D. H. R. Barton, N. J. Cussans, and S. V. S. Chem. , 1978, 393. T. Hori and K. B. Sharpless, J. Org. , 1978, 43, 1689. H. Kropf and M. R. Yazdanbakhch, Synthesis, 1977,711. I. A. Gailyunas, E. M. Tsyrlina, N. I. Solov'eva, N. G. Komalenkova, and V. P. Yur'ev, J. Gen. Chem. ),1977,47,2188. However, see ref. 181; this compound is incorrectly named in the paper. K. Yamada, S. Goto, H. Nagase, Y. Kyotani, and Y. Hirata, J. Org. , 1978,43,2076.

P. 1365. 318 L. 0. Ruzo, R. L. Holmstead, and J. E. Casida, J. Agric. , 1977, 25, 1385. 319 R. L. Holmstead, J. E. Casida, L. 0. Ruzo, and D. G. Fullmer, J. Agric. , 1978,26,590. 320 K. Ohsawa and J. E. S. Meeting, Annaheim, California, March 1978, Abstracts PEST, No. 53. 321 D. D. Kaufman, E. G. Jordan, and A. J. S. Meeting, Annaheim, California, March 1978, ( a ) Abstracts PEST, No. 48; ( b ) Abstracts PEST, No. 47. 322 L. C. Gaughan and J. E. Casida, ( a )J. Agric. S. Meeting, Annaheim, California, March 1978, Abstracts PEST, No.

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