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That red exists is an inarticulate demand of sense. The Investigations' viewpoint is quite different. Suppose a certain object, a red patch, is used as a paradigm in our language. " If the language game with this rule is played, then the color in question exists. Similarly, if it is a rule of football that it be played with a ball of such and such a kind, then it is necessarily true that if football is being played (really played), then such a ball exists. But, there is no necessity for football to be playedwe need not have this game.

They tell us what the statement claims to be true, or what it is about. In the Investigations, as in the Remarks, rules determine reference, Page 8 as well as sense, nonsense, compatibility, and entailment. These are rules not of a calculus but of a language game, a game as played according to certain rules. Necessity and assertability are linked for Wittgenstein. In the Tractatus, it makes no sense to state internal properties of objects. That r can combine with p, for example, cannot be said.

But arrows can also be variously interpreted. How are people to know that given the chart with the first set of arrows, they are to read it by passing their finger or their eye horizontally from color word to color patch? If the color chart by itself were not enough, because it could be variously interpreted, then equally the color chart plus arrow diagram will not be enough because it can be variously interpreted. For example, arrow chart one might possibly be used to mean: Read the first word as connected with the second color patch, the second word with the third color patch, and so on.

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