By H. D. Kumar, H. N. Singh (auth.)

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3-2. Haplobiontic Iife cycles. HAPLONT (BATRACHOSPERM~UM) ~ , CHAN~ ~\) (N) o~ M0N05PORE (N) ~ " ßAMElES 'OCARPOSPORE " (N) "-~;. Sm3AMY ~ bZ'IGOTE CARPOSPOROPHYTE (2N) (N) Fig. 3-3. Types of Iife cycle. biont possesses both the haploid and the diploid plants in its life cycle. These workers favour the idea that an algal life cycIe should be quaIified both cytologically and morphologically. ; oecurs. In Drew's terminology, the life eyele of Eclocarpus and C/adophora t 34 A TEXTBOOK ON ALGAE is monomorphic, dipIobaplont and that of the Nemalionales likc Batrachospermum trimorphie, haplont.

If branches from a single filament are involved, as in Batrachospermum, the thallus construction is spoken of as uniaxial. , Nema/ion. The vegetative growth by cell division of filamentous and parenchymatous thalli occurs in four ways-diffuse, intercalary, tricbotbaIlic and apicaI. In simple filamentous forms like U10thrix and Nostoc, the growth of the thallus is diffuse because each vegetative cell is potentially capable of growth and division. A good example of intercalary growth is fumished by the Laminariales (Phaeophyta) in wh ich the growth of the thallus is brought about by the activity of a meristem located at the junction of the stipe and the bl ade.

1. Isomorphie and heteromorphie alternation of generations. TETRASPORE (N) ~~o R............ ~ ... -o DPLOBIONTIC (ISOMORPHIe) ( POLYSIPHONIA) GAMETES (N) --SYNGAMY arV~~POSPOROPHYTE O (2N) CARPOSPORE (2N) Fig. 3-5. Isomorphie alternation oe generations. , for tiding through adverse periods. In many Chlorophyeeae, the only perennating stage in the life eycle is thc thick-wallcd zygospore or oospore that commonly has a highly viseous protoplast containing an orange or red oity pigment known as haematocbrome.

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