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Actium 31 BC[Osprey crusade 211] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Автор: Si Sheppard Название: Actium 31 BC[Osprey crusade 211] Издательство:Osprey PublishingГод: 2009 Формат: pdf,rar+3% Размер: 40.7 MB Язык: английскийСтраниц: zero

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Modern interpretations of Antony's career continue to stress the role of his deference to, and desire for the approval of, Cleopatra. Tarn and Charlesworth represent Antony's downfall as the corollary of his passions. Two women had been devoted to him; had he followed Fulvia's lead he might have been master of the Roman world; had he remained faithful to Octavia he might have divided it. Instead he chose Cleopatra, whose only devotion to him was as the instrument of her ambition; and her he would follow, and follow to his ruin, because he loved her.

The ship would therefore be slower, but the broader beam allowed for greater buoyancy and accommodated the two extra files of oarsmen on each side of the ship, enabling her to make up some of that loss by adding oar power. 5 knots of the ' 3 ' , could be maintained for about 2 0 minutes before the oarsmen would be completely exhausted. Other factors specific to a particular vessel might place additional strain on performance. Rather like modern AFVs, galleys could be 'up-armoured' by their crews for additional protection.

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