By Ilya Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

Info at the evolution of dimension results in chemical dynamics is equipped via this booklet. assurance contains structural versions for clusters produced in a loose jet growth, solid-liquid part behaviour in microclusters, the quantum mechanics of clusters, small cluster-reactions of van der Waals molecules, molecular floor chemistry, reactions of fuel ph ase steel clusters, vibrational rest in condensed levels and activated expense approaches in condensed stages.

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7). The introduction of redox-sensitive linkages, such as the disulphide group, has been used to prepare liposomes that are susceptible to the lower intracellular redox potential relative to the extracellular environment. Symmetrical disulphides are synthesised by oxidation of thiol-containing structures [64, 130, 131] (see Fig. 7), 24 A. Unciti-Broceta et al. ) I (excess) N N R THF, -50°C O S CH 3 O N R' THF, reflux I R Ion exchange N R' R Cl Z R=R'= -(CH2 )8 CH=CH(CH 2) 7CH3 Fig. 6 Synthesis of (a) ester-containing SAINT lipids [120] and (b) sunfish cationic amphiphiles [121, 122] while unsymmetrical disulphide bonds are assembled via cross-linking reaction mediated by activated symmetrical disulphide scaffolds such as 2,2-dipyridyl disulphide [132, 133].

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