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You might mean 'physically' or 'emotionally' or 'physically and emotionally' — for example. But the grouppsychosis depends on everyone accepting the same association of ideas in the crucial areas, and analytical discussion of these ideas is therefore taboo. This is, of course, a far more profound taboo than the sex one, which has always been heavily signposted. This one is implicitly understood, and never needs to be referred to. In actual fact, sex is entirely compatible with the human psychosis.

I am driven to the word 1 Paul Tillich, The Courage to Be, Collins Fontana Books, London, 1 9 5 2 , P- 47- 44 'bonkersdom' since 'madness' has become unfashionable and the tendentious expression 'mental illness' implies that the unrecognised forms of bonkersdom should rightfully be described as 'mental health'. * C. S. Lewis in Perelandra has an idea about the Fall of man depending on the rejection of insecurity. Well: paraphrase a little. When you see a ball falling, do you accept the insecurity of the (philosophically irrefutable) fact that you have no way of knowing what it will do next?

It is more difficult to give an exhaustive classification of the psychotic's reactions to the suggestion that human psychology is in a state of which the primary motive is sadism. This is because the whole of psychotic society, one might almost say, is devoted to creating a climate in which it is impossible for the suggestion to be made or taken seriously. And, of course, there is a taboo on analytical thought in or near this area as I have mentioned before. But I will describe one or two of the more characteristic reactions which prevent discussion from getting too near the point.

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