By David Gribble

Alcibiades (c. 450-404 BC)--general, statesman, followed son of Pericles, lover of Socrates, profaner of the Mysteries-- was once referred to as via a few the saviour of Athens and via others its maximum enemy. This ebook is a research of the explosive mix of worry and fascination he excited in his contemporaries and in classical texts. It examines the intense stress among the classical urban and the person of superlative strength, prestige, and ambition.

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Cf. Bruns (: ). 12 Cf. Saller (: –); Fairweather (: –); Stadter (: pp. lxxxiv–lxxxv); and Frost (: ) (on the tradition of Themistocles anecdotes). Fairweather (: ) uses the term ‘traditional narrative’ to describe the unofficial oral and written traditions surrounding famous figures. 13 Bruns (: –). 10 11  Élite Individual and Democratic City community, so that alarm was allowed to give way to admiration. On these and other grounds, I argue elsewhere14 that this speech was composed in the early Hellenistic period (and at any rate after  ), drawing, like Dem.

Here the uncivic individual is, in Aristotle’s imagery, more a beast than a god. It is in keeping with this pattern of the depiction of the anticivic individual when, as the culmination of his invective against Alcibiades, the speaker of Lys.  (§§ –) asks the jury to see Alcibiades and his family as authors of the worst sorts of personal and civic vice, and to treat them as the ancestral enemies of the city. ]  to display an oblique admiration for the great individual, so that the 66 Cf.

B–e, which begins: ‘Writing about the beautiful Alcibiades, Satyrus says . . ’. The material which follows is rather summary in form, and contains a variety of citations from other authors. 37 If this were true, it would constitute the longest surviving Hellenistic treatment of the bios of Alcibiades, and indeed of any fifth-century political figure. Unfortunately, however, Wilamowitz probably overestimated the extent of the quotation 34 In fact there are two slightly different concepts at work here: on the one hand the man who combines great deeds with enervating luxury, and on the other the kolax, who adapts his behaviour to please or win over others (cf.

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