By the Great Alexander; the Great Alexander, Makedonien König Alexander III; Anson, Edward

Alexander the Great's existence and profession are right here tested throughout the significant matters surrounding his reign. What have been Alexander's final goals? Why did he pursue his personal deification whereas alive? Did he truly set the realm in 'a new groove' as has been claimed by means of a few students? And was once his loss of life typical or the results of a murderous conspiracy? all the key subject matters, prepared as chapters, can be offered in Read more...


A cogent research of Alexander the Great's arguable career. Read more...

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62), not the representatives of the Macedonians, and it is Philip who receives the two seats on the Amphictyonic Council formerly held by the Phocians (Diod. 16. 60. 1; Dem. 19. 111; Speusippas’ Letter to Philip 8), not the Macedonian people. 6 The other seats were held by peoples: the Thessalians, Boeotians, Dorians, Ionians, Perrhaebi, Magnetes, Dolopians, Locrians, Oetaeans, Phthiotians, and Malians (Aeschin. 2. 116). This omission of any reference to the Macedonians is common. The Pythian Games of 345 were to be held by the Boeotians, the Thessalians, and Philip (Dem.

11, 40. 57. 1). Support generated during the rule of a father and presence at court at the time of a predecessor’s death has more to do with the succession of adult sons, than with any constitutional basis for the practice. Any and all candidates would then attempt to secure the acquiescence of the general populace. This process might involve some public acclamation before a prominent military unit or some important Macedonian population such as the inhabitants of Aegae or Pella, the former and the current capitals respectively.

5). On Alexander’s arrival at Opis in 324, he called together his Macedonians and announced that he was now discharging and returning to Macedonia all those unfit for service because of age or wounds. Even though Alexander meant to please his troops, they felt that he now despised them. Long-standing grievances now came to the surface. They complained about his adoption of Persian dress, his outfitting Asiatic units in Macedonian armament, the introduction of foreigners into the elite Companion Cavalry.

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