By N. Renwick

What's America's nationwide identification? This learn deals a brand new point of view into this query. It argues that this identification is 'constructed' instead of 'essential' and displays the politics of exclusion. This identificatory exclusion has been globalized via American financial, cultural, political and army growth. The research provocatively attracts upon poetry, literature, paintings, structure, gangsta rap, panorama and cityscape to light up the development of America's nationwide identification and illustrates how this has been globalized in an more and more post-modernist situation.

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R. '10 The American language found further representational form in popular writing. '11 This distinctive voice incorporated words and phrases from the rich diversity of immigrants, slaves and indigenous peoples. Authors felt unencumbered in their approach to the accumulation of a distinctively 'American' lexicon, syntax and grammatical usage. 12 The tall tales and larger-than-life characters related by this voice told of a popular everyday world populated by people and communities full of the lasting verities of homespun philosophies born in the hard realities of daily life.

The impact of 'Taylorism' and 'Fordism' as ideological contructs of daily working life, redefined daily lifestyles in late nineteenth and early twentieth century America. Writings now began to mirror a wider and deeper sense of accelerated time, of the eclipse of the lasting by a growing primacy of the momentary and of the disposability of the 34 America's World Identity cultural artifact. The rise of the comic strip representative form, an American 'manga' culture, reflected and parodied the Europeanized conception of the 'classical' literary form and its romanticized content.

40 As might be expected, the early influence of European migrants was most evident in the Puritan values of simplicity and lack of adornment. The New England style would remain a feature of America's idealized image of the architypical home. The Puritan style has embedded a thematic sub-consciousness of an originatory purity and artistic honesty later tarnished by successive layers of historical development. The simplicity and honesty of Puritanism are well-expressed in Thomas Smith's Constructing America 43 Self-Portrait.

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