By Keith Bodner

"An Ark at the Nile: the start of the ebook of Exodus is a close-reading of Exodus 1-2 that analyzes the tale as a pretty self-contained unit, yet suggesting that significant plot hobbies within the ebook of Exodus are foreshadowed and expected right here. using a few insights from literary idea, Keith Bodner bargains an indication of extra integration of religious study with cross-disciplinary narrative Read more...


This paintings bargains a literary interpreting of the 1st chapters of the ebook of Exodus, demonstrating how they expect the plot and topics of the remainder of the publication in addition to repeating motifs from Read more...

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30 Jon D. Levenson, “The Conversion of Abraham to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam,” pp. 3–40 in The Idea of Biblical Interpretation: Essays in Honor of James L. Kugel, edited by Hindy Najman and Judith H. Newman (JSJSup 83; Leiden: Brill, 2004) 6, cited in Moberly, The Theology of the Book of Genesis, 210. 32 Under quite different circumstances, Moses also enters Pharaoh’s house, although his firstborn son Gershom is born and named far away from the royal court, in the land of Midian. Meanwhile, as Joseph forecasts in Gen 41:29–30, the seven bountiful years end and the period of famine begins.

9 Propp, Exodus 1–18, 129; on Noah, see Umberto Cassuto, A Commentary on the Book of Exodus (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1967) 8. The LXX reads seventy-five (πέντε καὶ ἑβδομήκοντα), the tradition followed in Stephen’s speech in Acts 7:14. Old Promise, New King 45 as vv. 6–7 indicate that after the death of Joseph there is a period of unprecedented fecundity: “Joseph died and all his brothers and all that generation. ” Joseph’s death was already reported in Gen 50:26 along with details about his embalming (‫ )חנט‬and placement in a coffin.

Earlier Abraham acquired maidservants and menservants during his sojourn, but now his grandson is taken down to Egypt and sold as a slave. The Ishmaelites, who mediate the transaction by both 23 Jon D. Levenson, The Death and Resurrection of the Beloved Son: The Transformation of Child Sacrifice in Judaism and Christianity (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1993) 166. ’ ” Also, “the image of the brothers’ sheaves bowing while Joseph’s own remained upright (Gen 37:7) might have suggested that his supply of grain would be full when theirs had already given out.

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