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The current paintings addresses itself to the query of the character of appraisive options comparable to have been the topic of research within the recommendations of worth* and The options of feedback. ** Many difficulties of best significance within the thought of price couldn't be thoroughly taken care of there with out diminishing the fundamental objective of these reviews which used to be specifically to spot, classify and supply a common theoretical framework for the host of ideas with which we signify and commend topics of appraisal in the entire important parts of human curiosity. the writer may have forestalled the discontentment of a few of his critics had he then explicitly promised to contemplate these difficulties at a later time. yet his reluctance to vow what he will not be capable of produce outweighed a willing expertise of what the issues are and in their glaring seriousness. even if my therapy of such difficulties has in simple terms now been undertaken, in aspect of time my problem with them antedates by way of some distance the em­ pirical explorations of the 2 texts pointed out. someone who undertakes this type of examine is probably going to have come lower than the in­ fluence of Professor Frank Sibley's 'Aesthetic Concepts't and of later increase­ ments in his research of sure appraisive recommendations. What do such thoughts suggest and the way do they mean9 those are the questions he handled in the sort of stimulating fashion.

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It is likely that U's proposal and in general all revisions via counterparts are more serious or even drastic than those via the contradictories. Perhaps this even characterizes the variant kinds of reforms and revolutions that transpire from time to time. The sexual revolution, so-called, of recent years is largely one of re-appraising the phenomenon of sexuality which in many respects will be the same, before and after the upheaval. The "attitudes" toward it, the appraisal of it in the manner of Ex.

So between rashness and cowardice we are not limited to the choice of courage but may choose caution or discretion; between prodigality and meanness there is not only liberality 38 THE EMERGENCE OF APPRAISIVE CONCEPTS but frugality as well; between vulgarity or tastelessness and niggardliness there is not only magnificance but also simplicity. Which then shall we choose, courage or caution, liberality or frugality, magnificence or simplicity? One of these has as good a claim as the other to being the mean between two extremes, and yet they are very different.

As the possible benefits of fostering and training of intelligence become known, certain results are more and more respected. These results then become the object of wants or appetitions, then of what are seen as needs. Once this stage is reached, the results and the means thereto are demanded. Soon the demand for education, for training of intelligence, is set forth as claiming a right, because of course the benefits and perhaps even in some degree the powers of intelligence itself, are credited and their alternatives discredited.

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