By James Henry Breasted

Quantity three of "Ancient files of Egypt" opens at the chaotic aftermath of King Akhenaten's spiritual revolution. Breasted chronicles the precarious reigns of Akhenaten's successors and the political and criminal reforms of King Horemheb, who succeeded to the throne after the passing of the final participants of the royal kinfolk. This quantity comprises the $64000 edict of Horemheb, meant to avoid the oppressive abuses attached with the gathering of taxes from the typical humans, and the inscriptions of Roy, excessive priest of Amon, exhibiting the 1st transmission from father to son of the place of work of the excessive priest. within the context of a protracted historical past of mutilating and changing reliefs for political reasons, Breasted discusses the insertion right into a aid of the determine of Ramesses II with a purpose to make stronger his declare to the throne. This quantity additionally comprises the treaty of alliance that sealed peace with the Hittites less than Ramesses II; a chain of records that list the invasion of Libyans and Mediterranean Sea humans through the reign of Merneptah; and, the nice Temple of Abu Simbel, the main extraordinary of the rock-cut temples of Egypt. this primary entire paperback version of Breasted's five-volume "Ancient files of Egypt" makes to be had to a brand new viewers a milestone in Egyptology and within the compilation of documentary histories. in actual fact annotated for the lay reader, the files supply copious facts of alternate family, building actions, diplomatic envoys, overseas expeditions, and different facets of a lively, hugely geared up, and centrally managed society. Breasted's statement is either conscientiously documented and obtainable, suffused with a contagious fascination for the occasions, the personalities, the cultural practices, and the sophistication those documents point out.

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H 62. xigoing about taking possession to bring every citizen,j to cause them to see (concerning whom) one shall hear, (saya crime, collectors of the harem who go ing) "° the '-1 of the fishermen about in the ptowns tax-collecting~] carrying the .. aDoubtless to be read: Civt . n(t)-&, like the ct-nt-& of IV, 194,264; and IV, 1021. Wegetable products in general are thus designated. cThe antecedent is "o#cials" (end of 1. 33); see 1. 28. dJudging 'from 1. ," but Mr. Gardiner's copy clearly forbids.

COnly a long line of prancing horses' feet are visible; as there are no chariot wheels among them, and no human feet of men leading them (except at the extreme front), we may suppose that we have here a unique scene on an Egyptian monumenttroop of Asiatic horsemen. That the horses are being driven in a loose herd in the presence of the king is also possible. dThe head is lost, but of course it would show the uraeus, as everywhere else in the tomb. 6 NINETEENTH DYNASTY: HARMHAB [Q10 showing Harmhah (on the left) received with acclamation by his household servantsa (on the right), as he returns wearing his newly received collars of gold.

Beneath is the name of Meya's assistant and the latter's parents : His assistant, steward of the Southern City (Thebes), Thutmose, son of Hatey ( Y J ' t-y y). His mother, Yuh (Ywh), of the City (Thebes). aWritten with ink on the wall of one of the lower chambers in the tomb of Thutmose IV in the Valley of the Kings' Tombs at Thebes; published in The Tomb of Thutmose I V (Mr. Theodore M. Davis' excavations), by Carter and Newberry, London, 1904%pp. xxxiii-iv, Figs. 7 and 8. bHis tomb. 1 T H E WARS OF HARMHAB 33.

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