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Makes a speciality of the tip of the self-governed period of historical Egyptian civilization. This name comprises the inscriptions from the Medinet Habu Temple, some of the most thoroughly preserved temples of Egypt, and the nice Papyrus Harris, the biggest (133 toes lengthy) and such a lot luxurious papyrus extant.

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M. NORTHERN WAR, YEAR 8 59. Already in Ramses 111's fifth year the tribes of the southern coast of Asia Minor and the maritime peoples of the Bgean had sent some of their advanced galleys to assist the Libyans in their war of that year against Egypt. Or, as in Merneptah's day, the plundering crews of their southernmost advance had incidentally joined the Libyan invasion. These were but the premonitory skirmishing-line of a more serious and more general movement. The peoples involved were the probably Cretan Peleset, a settlement of whom aThe short speech of Mut is of no historical consequence.

22. Fortunately, the temple contains, besides its vast quantity of historical inscriptions, also no less than forty important relief scenes depicting the achievements of the king, in the conventional style common since the days of Seti I. These reliefs are accompanied by the usual explanatory inscriptions, which are commonly couched in such general terms that the total of their historical content is small. 23. The fraction of this great mass of documents which has been published, was copied without any approach to accuracy.

P. -in-the-House-of-Amon,~ on the west of Thebes. HISTORICAL INSCRIPTIONSf The walls of this temple, as we have said, form a vast record of the achievements of Ramses 111. This record is chiefly devoted to his wars. Had these wars been reported in the sober and intelligible style of Thutmose 111's Annals, we should have known much of them which it is now safe to say we shall never know. It is difficult to describe the character of these Medinet Habu inscriptions. Perhaps, under the influence of the Kadesh poem, it has now become impossible to narrate a war or a victory of the Pharaoh in 21.

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