By Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Patti Frazer Lock, Andrew M. Gleason, Daniel E. Flath, Sheldon P. Gordon, David O. Lomen, David Lovelock, William G. McCallum, Brad G. Osgood, Andrew Pasquale, Jeff Tecosky-Feldman, Joseph Thrash, Karen R. Rhea, Thomas W. Tucker

The fourth version supplies readers the abilities to use calculus at the task. It highlights the applications’ reference to real-world issues. the issues reap the benefits of desktops and graphing calculators to assist them imagine mathematically.  The utilized workouts problem them to use the maths they've got realized in new ways.  This develops their ability for modeling in a fashion that the standard workouts patterned after comparable solved examples can't do. the fabric is additionally provided in the way to aid company pros make a decision whilst to take advantage of expertise, which empowers them to profit what calculators/computers can and can't do.

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27 Risebrough, 18 Chapter One FUNCTIONS AND CHANGE Visualizing Rate of Change For a function y = f (x), the change in the value of the function between x = a and x = c is ∆y = f (c) − f (a). 26. 27. This line is called the secant line between x = a and x = c. 27: The average rate of change is represented by the slope of the line √ (a) Find the average rate of change of y = f (x) = x between x = 1 and x = 4. (b) Graph f (x) and represent this average rate of change as the slope of a line. (c) Which is larger, the average rate of change of the function between x = 1 and x = 4 or the average rate of change between x = 4 and x = 5?

8 16. A deposit is made into an interest-bearing account. 9 shows the balance, B, in the account t years later. (a) What was the original deposit? (b) Estimate f (10) and interpret it. (c) When does the balance reach $5000? 11 21. Financial investors know that, in general, the higher the expected rate of return on an investment, the higher the corresponding risk. 9 (a) Graph this relationship, showing expected return as a function of risk. (b) On the figure from part (a), mark a point with high expected return and low risk.

We have looked at how an Olympic record and the number of farms change over time. In the next example, we look at average rate of change with respect to a quantity other than time. Example 3 High levels of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl, an industrial pollutant) in the environment affect pelicans’ eggs. 27 Find the average rate of change in the thickness of the shell as the PCB concentration changes from 87 ppm to 452 ppm. Give units and explain why your answer is negative. 00082 . ppm The units are thickness units (mm) over PCB concentration units (ppm), or millimeters over parts per million.

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