By Philip Graham Ryken

I will not upload a lot that has now not been stated through the opposite reviewers, other than that I personal 1000's of commentaries and this is often the simplest i've got ever learn. it's technical relative to the occasions of Exodus and their that means, Jesus targeted and conservative, but it reads like a singular. It used to be so worthwhile to me that I E-mailed Dr. Ryken and requested him to jot down a observation on Ezekiel and Isaiah.Five stars doesn't do it justice.

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1:12b-14). One of the interesting literary features of Exodus is that significant words often come in groups of seven. One example of this occurred back in verse 7, which used seven different words to describe the miraculous multiplication of the Israelites. Another example occurs here in verses 13, 14, which use seven words (some of which are repeated) for Israel’s slavery. Umberto Cassuto claims that each word is like another blow from a slave driver’s whip. ”2 With each crack of the whip, Pharaoh was striking another blow against the God of Israel, because ultimately this was a spiritual conflict.

But in any case, Sargon’s story was not written down until long after the exodus. It is worth noticing the many differences between the history of Moses and the other ancient stories that contain some of the same motifs. The story of Sargon is the closest parallel, but even here there are significant differences. Sargon was kept in hiding because he was illegitimate, not because his life was endangered. Unlike Sargon, Moses was rescued and raised by real human beings. ), which are entirely absent from the story of Sargon.

But the conventional wisdom proved to be folly, because Pharaoh was dealing with the God who says, “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate” (1 Cor. 1:19). By keeping the Israelites enslaved, the new Pharaoh actually helped preserve their identity as a close-knit community. Charles Spurgeon comments: [I]n all probability, if they had been left to themselves, they would have been melted and absorbed into the Egyptian race, and lost their identity as God’s special people.

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