Malted milk shake and Cheese

Posted by me on Sunday, the 10th day of June, anno domini 2007 at 2:30 AM, local time.

Do you like…. Malted milk shakes? Yes…

Do you like…. Cheese? Yes…

Do you like them… together? Ewww!!!!

Anyway, my daily post today (ignore the time, this is still saturday in my book), is a bit late, but it was much busier day today then I anticipated it being. Anyway, this morning I went to the farmer's market again, to see if they had some pepper plants, and they had some that I got, even though they weren't exactly what I wanted. I also go some local home made mozzerella cheese. Looks really good, I may try to make a pizza with it. I also tried to find fresh basil there, but no one had anything. Apparently it is not quite the time for basil. I had to buy that at the store instead. How embarrassing!

On the way home from that, I got a strange craving for a malted milk shake, and thus went to Target and got some Malted Milk, some all natural vanilla bean ice cream, (and some basil), and went home and mixed it all (not the basil) up with some milk with my immersion blender and had one of the best malted milk shakes I've had in a long while. And I can make them whenever I want! It's like, perfect!

But yes, a busy day. Early in the afternoon, there was a free concert from the Rochester Community Band in central park, so a bunch of us went there to support our friends in that band (yay Jim and Pam, and Zane if you would just go and practice everyonce in a while…). It was a really great day to be outside in the park (with the shade and all). I could have really just sat there for a while. It was very relaxing. While listening to the music, I took the opportunity to knit in public. Just trying to test out some sock yarn and needles I just got and check out my gauge. I've not dealt with such small needles (or such small wool yarn) before, but it went pretty well.

After they made me leave the park, I went to the book store to get the book club book, and ended up getting some Prokofiev CDs and some wild strawberry cheesecake. Man that was pretty good tasting stuff! Also went to a neat little downtown corner grocery store and meat shop, and found that they have a pretty nice selection of meats behind their meat counter, and a quite awesome selection of cheeses. Next time there is a cheese party, I know where I am going. That's right, I'm talking about Just Rite Foodstore on 2nd street and 6th avenue. Very cool. Never knew that was there before.

Later in the day, some of us went to Red Lobster for some dinner, and it was ok. The clam chowder (New England, of course) was quite good, and the lobster tasted really good, too. The steak, while properly medium rare inside, was somehow pretty not cool on the outside, tough and crunchy, and it just didn't make me as happy as it could have. After that, I learned that I am still as horrible at mini-golf as I am at regular golf, but I enjoy them both quite a bit. Mini-golf does have the nice distinction of being cheaper to play though.

Finally, a few of us sat down and talked about how we will certainly all be rich once we retire, and won't it be awesome when we buy castles overlooking our own villages when we do retire, because that's likely what will happen, right? Also, how to make Rochester a thriving and growing city, and how its not going to happen, but wouldn't it be cool if it did? And then it was 1:30am. That's how these conversations go sometimes. It can get tiring.

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Poutine, or, Those Crazy Folks from Canadia

Posted by me on Saturday, the 30th day of December, anno domini 2006 at 10:55 PM, local time.

Ok, so I was reading Pam‘s blog post about Her Trip to Ottawa, and What She Found There and decided I had to look up this Poutine substance which is all the rage up Nort’. And, not that anyone cares or would be at all surprised, but the standard mixture of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy does not sound all that appetizing. Gravy does not go on cheese. That’s just the way it is.

However, reading further (on good old wikipedia), I discovered a variation that actually sounds quite good: Italian Poutine. Its just like normal Poutine, but instead of gravy (Gravy does not go on cheese, etc., etc.) you use spaghetti sauce, possibly with meat. That actually sounds quite excellent, and I may have to try it sometime.

One link led to another, of course, and soon I was on the wikipedia page about Bolognese Sauce, a variant (and possibly the original version) of the standard meat sauce they use on spaghetti. In this version, there is far less tomato sauce, and instead they first fry up the meat (not ground beef: minced beef! Seriously! Doesn’t that sound good in general?) in a olive oily / buttery / oniony / garlicy mixture, then add some white wine and reduce that for a while. Then you add a small amount of tomato paste and stock and simmer that for about 2-4 hours to get the meat to fall apart entirely. Right before you are done cooking it, add a bit of cream or milk.

I think it sounds fantastic, and I am thinking of trying to make it sometime soon here to see what it tastes like. I can only imagine that it will be excellent.

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Bier hier!

Posted by me on Friday, the 10th day of March, anno domini 2006 at 5:54 PM, local time.

I’m convinced it was all the beer. I mean its a well known fact that beer is good for you. Finally, anecdotal evidence that it works!

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