Snow! (and something about Canadia land)

Posted by me on Tuesday, the 6th day of November, anno domini 2007 at 1:55 PM, local time.

So, yesterday, it tried really hard to snow here in Rochester, and it did flurry a bit on three separate occasions throughout the day. I was very proud. Soon we’ll have real snow, on the ground and everything!

Then, I saw Andy’s away messages telling me to go look at the MichiganTech webcams. Apparently it snowed there fairly good. The ground is pretty much covered, though it looks like only an inch or so, and it doesn’t appear to snowing at the moment. Very much not fair. But, they always get snow first (and more, obviously) so I really shouldn’t be too surprised. It does make me want to go play in the snow though. From the looks of the forecast here, it will be quite some time yet before we get any accumulation.

On another note, I saw someone else’s away message as well, and it was pretty funny. I am pretty sure its from a movie somewhere, but I can’t remember which one. It was a quote: “No! Don’t you get it? If you die in Canada, you die in REAL LIFE!”


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New Things for a New Year

Posted by me on Wednesday, the 17th day of January, anno domini 2007 at 1:20 AM, local time.

So, a quick update from the new year (yes I know, the new year is several weeks old now). First off, I’ve started a new blog. Or rather, I’ve split this one into two parts. I’ve noticed that I tended to blog about lots of random things here, but very seldom have I been blogging about technical subjects. I also recognize that while some of my readers might be interested in those technical subjects, many others might not be. So, any new ramblings about technical things (computers, math, programming, etc.) will go to this new blog, Complicated System of Pulleys. It can be reached from this blog by going to the link off to the right side, down in the section.

Related to this splitting, I have done a bit of a name reversal on this less technical blog. It used to be called and there was just a little comment under the title saying Nevermind…. Well, since I now have this second blog at pretty much the same site, I thought that it was more appropriate for both of them to be considered and each should be given separate names. Complicated System of Pulleys was pretty easy to come up with, and since Nevermind… had always been part of the old blog’s masthead, I thought it too might be appropriate.

Lastly (for now), I have added a small quote section to the mastheads. There was a lot of empty whitespace up there, and I like quotes, so there we go. Right now, I have to manually change the quote every once and a while, and I’ll probably keep it that way, though I imagine I’ll make it easier for myself to change it eventually. The two blogs will have separate sets of quotes. The quotes will generally be something that popped into my head, or something from a book I am/was reading. I will try to give proper credit/blame when possible. Some of them I might make up and those won’t be credited to anyone.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Oh, except to say that there is now about 4-6″ of snow cover. This is cause for celebration and joy. Thank you.

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Es Schneit! and Happy New Year!

Posted by me on Monday, the 1st day of January, anno domini 2007 at 2:43 AM, local time.

So just a quick note here this early hour into the new year to relate the wonderful news! Es schneit! Es schneit! Es hat geschneit! Es ist Schneiende! Isn’t it wonderful? After months of waiting, heartbreak, and sorrow, it has finally snowed! And I am tired and am going to bed! Yay!

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Why is this not snow?

Posted by me on Saturday, the 30th day of December, anno domini 2006 at 6:28 PM, local time.

So, what is going on here? All this rain the past couple of days, and not a bit of snow. It certainly makes me sad. Other places have at least gotten a little bit of snow. We get nothing here in Rochester. Even Houghton has some snow, and it continues to snow there.

Think of the snow storm this would make here! I would have several inches of white fluffy snow to play in! Oh, it would make me so happy…

At any rate, moving is going much slower with all this rain, since I have to keep the truck’s cover on, and can only fit smaller items in it right now. This morning, when the rain let up for a bit, I, of course, was sleeping and missed my opportunity to get some of the bigger things over there. Ah well.

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Es Schneit!

Posted by me on Wednesday, the 14th day of December, anno domini 2005 at 10:12 PM, local time.

It’s snowing! Itsn’t it wonderful? I love snow…. It’s so white and fluffy and purty. It makes me so happy.

I know that not everyone agrees with me, but who cares?!?! It’s snowing!

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