Filter complete

Posted by me on Tuesday, the 6th day of June, anno domini 2006 at 10:28 PM, local time.

So, my script to filter things is complete, I think, and works pretty well. I think :) As I use bits and pieces of it, I shall find out.

Anyway, as I mentioned a while ago, I didn’t think the Unbound Bible was quite up to par but there was another one with better concordance with the Strong Numbers. Well I found it: works great for that sort of thing. Only KJV, but that’s really to be expected with the use of Strong Numbers.

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Blogging from Emacs

Posted by me on Monday, the 5th day of June, anno domini 2006 at 10:24 PM, local time.

So, I’m testing a simple method of blogging from emacs by way of my command line blogging script. I think it should work pretty good. I guess we will find out. Now, one thing I was reading about somewhere was making it easier to link things. Essentially, my command line blogging script can be made to preprocess the body of the post to make it easier to do italics, bold, etc., as well as linking to arbitrary websites, or wikipedia, or other random websites based on keywords. I should also fix up some keywords to map to category numbers so I don’t have to figure out what the category number is for the category I wish to blog in!

Plan for preprocessing then is:
{sitekeyword:siteargs linktext mouseovertext}
<a href=link(sitekeyword,siteargs) title=mouseovertext>linktext</a>

Some initial keyword/arg sets will be:
for a given topic at wikipedia (no topic links to wikipedia itself).
for a google search of the given search terms (no search links to google itself)
for a google maps search of the given place terms (no place linkes to google maps itself)
for a link to a given book chapter:verse in the bible at some bible site. Likely the KJV with good Strong number concordance that I have somewhere.
for a link to comparison versions of a bible verse or chapter at unbound bible. (Still need to figure out its interface)
for a link to a gutenberg project text of a given book.

And we’ll see how that all works. Maybe something will suggest itself for further enhancement.

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One night in a club called the Shakin’ Hand…

Posted by me on Thursday, the 1st day of June, anno domini 2006 at 9:50 PM, local time.

It’s funny how the mind works. I read a random “funny” quote on the quote-a-day thing on my google homepage which had to do with “Let there be light…” This led to a random chord flipping through my mind, followed by some more chords, and some words, tonal inflections of the singer’s voice, lyrics, and soon I had the entire AC/DC song, “Let there be Rock” flowing through my head, full with guitar, bass, drums, and singing. Start to finish.

I was not displeased, and the route to get there from the quote was not all that complicated, but it was strange how the things from the song started to come piece by piece until they were all there again, as though I had just finished listening to the song. I don’t know if this has any relevance, but it was an interesting experience, and seriously, just means everyone really should go out and listen to that song :-) Or read the bible. Maybe even both.

Note: The has its uses, but it is not the best I have found. 1) You can’t link into it for a specific verse with specific translations and 2) the Strong number concordance interface is weak. I may have a better one bookmarked on a different computer. I shall have to find that and mention it here (or add it to my sidebar of links).

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