Nice Going, Andy-san [Title edited to reduce spam]

Posted by me on Tuesday, the 28th day of March, anno domini 2006 at 9:30 PM, local time.

Ha! Take a look at whats going on in The Man Room. A quick setup by Andy and Adam of a laptop loaned from Emily with linux and a webcam to allow anyone to see whats going on in the manroom. Plans for the future include a second webcam for another angle, and maybe some sort of way for a casual web viewer to communicate with the manroom computer. Andy was mentioning that a gaim account will be on there somewhere as well sometime.

The push to get a webcam out in the manroom was spearheaded by Darcy and Amber, who would like to be able to tell whether there Andy and Adam are alive out there (The less blood spattered on the camera, the better).

I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun with the manroom computer setup now. Yet another thing to delay real woodworking projects :)

[Update (12/26/2006) : I think the title for this was optimally bad for getting spam comments. I have changed it now to eliminate the use of the j-o-b word, and we’ll see if it helps. If not, I will change it back and give up, perhaps. Oh, wait! I think I can just disable comments for this article. I’ll try that…]

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