Die Kühe meines Bruders

Posted by me on Friday, the 29th day of December, anno domini 2006 at 11:01 PM, local time.

So a while back my brother was paid in cows for a carpentry job, and so now he thinks he’s a rancher or something. He decided to buy another one. He plans to sell them at auction next year and slaughter one for meat. I’m sure it will work out for him.

That is, ignoring the sensibilities of my niece. She loves the cows and thinks of them mostly as pets, I am pretty sure. He might get away with selling some of them next year, but that would be bad enough. Try telling a 2 year old that you decided to kill her pet because you thought he would taste good grilled as a steak. I don’t imagine that going over very well. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Anyway, here is a picture I took of the three cows up on a hill in front of my brother’s woods.

Just trying out this whole picture-in-a-blog-post thing. Somehow it don’t seem right to me. But everybody’s doing it, apparently.

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