Posted by me on Wednesday, the 18th day of January, anno domini 2006 at 7:09 PM, local time.

Just thought I’d mention this addictive little game that is less frustrating than crossword puzzles but just as engrossing. Puzzles can be found on the web, in newspapers, or in books. I like doing them in books, but the web is nice as well, provided the interface isn’t too bad. With 5,472,730,538 legal puzzle solutions, taking into account symmetric redundancies, I have a little ways to go, so I should get to work.

For those of us who like to thoroughly research any hobby that might be a bit time consuming before we dive in, the Wikipedia entry is quite informative.

As for a good web interface for them, Websudoku isn’t too bad. It also keeps track of your times, allows pauses, can check your results, and can show how horrible your time is in relation to the other people who have done easy puzzles on their site.

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